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Oh my god last night’s been one of the best nights of my entire life: I’ve seen Sum 41 live :D!!!

The supports were ‘Follow You Home’ and ‘Destine’, two amazing bands!! Follow You Home is a pretty young band, but wow, they’re good! Loud music, great to jump and headbang to and wow, what a vocals :D!! Perfect band for a good start of the night ^__^! 

Then Destine. They were really good too! Destine is one of my favourite bands, I’m really glad they were there tonight :)! The thing that annoyed me a bit was the fact that between Follow You Home and Destine, there was a pause of three quarters. Eventually Destine didn’t play for long, but I really did like their performance :)! 

And then, Sum 41! An hour after Destine’s performance, they finally entered stage and wow, everyone went mad! They started with ‘Reason To Believe’ and when the fast part of the song started, everyone started moshing and pushing and jumping and now I’m all bruised, but it was worth it: it was a damn good start :)! The other songs they played before the encore were ‘Mr. Amsterdam’, ‘Motivation’, ‘In Too Deep’ (definitely one of my favourite live songs by Sum), ‘We’re All To Blame’ (at the ‘SACRIFICE!’, a circle pit was created xD), ‘Walking Disaster’, ‘Rhythms’, ‘Screaming Bloody Murder’, ‘Skumfuk’, ‘Over My Head’, ‘No Brains’, ‘A.N.I.C.’ (their love song :P), ‘Sick Of Everyone’, Count Your Last Blessings’, ‘The Hell Song’, ‘Still Waiting’ and ‘Fat Lip’. Damn, Fat Lip must’ve been one of the most amazing live songs I’ve ever seen, it was awesome!

After the encore they played ‘Pieces’, ‘We Will Rock You’ (Queen cover, was great ^_^!), ‘Back Where I Belong’ and the ended with ‘Exit Song’. 

It was an insane night! It was the second time I saw these amazing guys live, and I hope if definitely won’t be the last time. I’ll be there when they come back, for sure! Sum 41 is amazing live. Great stage performance, they sound great and there’s always chemistry between the crowd and the band.

In the end, I got a picture with Kayley Busby (vocalist of Follow You Home) and with Mikey Davis and Nick Ayre (guitarists of Follow You Home).

Last night was one to never forget (and I know I say this after every concert I go to, but it’s the truth: I’ll never forget this :D). I can hardly wait for them to come back ^__^!

pictures are all made by me 

  • 9 July 2012
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